Surya namaskar benefits astrology

Surya Namaskar With Mantras – Introduction, Benefits, Poses and More!

I agree the way you have mentioned to offer water to lord Surya the most powerful planet in the whole solar sytem. Hi Raghu Ranjan, thanks a lot for giving a feedback. Lord of all. Hence, worshipping Lord Sun can neutralize the negative effect of all other planets.

Namaste sir, thank you so much for providing this valuable information. I have 2 queries sir. Can this be started from any day of the week? Can i put a red hibiscus flower in the water? Jai Mata Di. Hi Ira, preferably you should start on Sunday of bright fortnight. Yes, you can put red hibiscus flower while offering water to the Sun. Hello sir, Very useful article but I have a doubt. I regularly offer water between 6. Not even the rays. Kindly guide. Hi Priyanka, Thanks a lot for your inspiring comment and feedback.

Physical Benefits of Sun Salutation?

In fact, in astrology, the sun represents the soul. There are 13 mantras which are different names of Sun God. If she is healthy the nation will be healthy. Things to remember: 1. The individual will feel the low confidence due to weak Sun. Surya Namaskar A is considered a base pose as surya namaskar a variations can be derived from this pose. We want increased pran moving in the body, this is possible only by the power of the focussed mind.

You are doing perfect. It is not necessary to see the Sun as the Sun remains invisible during rains and foggy days. You can simply offer water facing eastwards. Luckily, Sun is the only God whom we see. No other Gods are visible. Thankyou sir for providing avalueable information. Hi Jeevan Rekha, chanting any mantra and performing Puja during the period should be completely suspended. However, you can chant it mentally without using your tongue. Can i just fold hands and pray Sun God?? Pl let me know is it ok as in flat i use to open window and look at Sun God and pray. Is this harmful??

Benefits of Surya namaskar

Hi JK Nair, praying God in any means can never be harmful. It is good that you are getting Sunlight through your window. Praying Sun God with folding hand and devotion will surely bring good result. However, offering water to the Lord Sun will be more beneficial.

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It should be done before 8 AM in the morning. Hi Gopinath, Offering water to the Sun has many benefits. It will not only make you stable financially but also improve your health, wealth,career,profession and business etc. Amazing article.. Specially, the rules section which is often not known by most of the people.

Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for your positive and inspiring feedback. I will come with more such articles in near future.

The Physical benefits of Sun Salutation

Suryan Nmaskar benefits are innumerable. Surya Namaskar steps are easy to perform and yields great advantages. Surya Namaskar or Sun. Sun is regarded as God, the creation of the light, the giver of heat. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations limbers up the whole body in preparation for the asanas.

Hi Shubhangi You can chant Surya Mantra times in the evening. However, the morning prayer is considered to be the best. If you are run short of time, then you can pray in the evening. Namskar sir thanks very much for valuable information sir I want to ask one think mera Sinh rashi h and lagan bhi Sinh h to kya mai sun ko JAL de sakta hi agar de sakta hu to kis start karna behtar rahta h.

Hi Shantanu You can definitely offer water to the Lord Surya. Start on Sunday Shukla Paksha. Hello Sir In the UK it is not possible to offer water to sun every day outside. Is it Ok to offer water from inside house or to a Shive Linga while chating suray mantra.

Steps of Suryanamaskar

Hi Dipesh It is OK offering water to Lord Surya from inside the house when the situation does not allow to offer in the open space. But there is no Sunlight visible during the period when I offer water to the Sun when I offer water.

34 Benefits of Sun Salutation

I wanted to confirm if this process is fine or should I offer the water a little later. Hi Amit You are doing good. The Sun Salutation is done in slightly different ways according to the teaching of different yoga tradition.

Remedies for Planet Sun

The tenets of it remain the same though. As you can see there are 12 zodiacal constellations. Now comes the most interesting part, if we analyze the following two yoga poses that repeat throughout the Sun Salutations sequence we have:. Basically we have a perfect correspondence: the asanas that are present two times in the sequence correspond to the zodiacal sign dominated by the same planet, the same yoga pose, same planet, the only two asana that is not possible to match correspond to the Sun and Moon, and these two celestial objects in Vedic astrology are considered to be complimentary to each other, two faces of the same coin.

Each zodiacal constellation Rashi has a Lord, a Planet; the signs reflect the meaning of that planet. Each Planet regulates two signs, to explain this there is an old tale that I once read on a Vedic astrology book Light on Life :. They where ruling the entire sky from the two constellations of Leo Sun and Cancer Moon. She is the centre around which our families and our societies both revolve. If she is healthy the nation will be healthy. Surya namaskar is the ideal three-in-one way to remain forever fit.

Women go through two physically challenging events in their lives, one at the age of 12yrs as the monthly cycle starts and then at the age of 51yrs when it stops. Also the monthly 5day cycle is physically exhausting.

Surya Namaskar: The Way to Ultimate Ecstasy

As the girl-child starts Surya-namaskar at the age of 6yrs and continues for a life-time she will never face any problems related to this aspect of the female life ever. It is a guarantee. Women are exempted for the 5 days of their monthly cycle, they should rest. During pregnancy the practice has to be stopped.

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But she should not break her habit of standing before the rising Sun. Mantra-s can be recited. Some light warm-up stretching types of movements recommended for pregnant women can be done. After delivery do not perform Surya-namaskars for 3 months. After this, if the medical professional agrees, can start with 3 sets and gradually increase. Suryanamaskar are the complete exercise for your mind body and soul. You will discipline your body, your breath and your mind over time.

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Give yourself these mins daily and see the change in yourself as you draw in the energy of the Rising Sun into yourself. Part 2 continued here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.