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Libra Daily. Prev Next. Oct 8, Email Horoscopes Get your Horoscopes delivered free to your inbox every day! Email address. I'm sorry Librans are not "Objects" and don't like being treated as such. Ambivalence is there for a reason.

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Back off from making decisions you can not correct later when you have a clearer mind. These general readings for all signs are designed to motivate, inspire and inform you of practical solutions and insights for your life. Sponsored Links Sponsored SpiritNavigator. Aquarius Horoscope. It represents your basic, core personality, separate from all the other influences that drive you. Dussehra is a Hindu festival in India, which is celebrated on the final day of the Navratri festival.

Librans aren't known for mercurial and rude behaviors, even if that is what they feel. We are diplomatic I kicked a Gemini to the curb after 17 years of the above behaviors. I finally got to my "Pop-eye" moment. I had enough, and I can't stands no more Please don't tell me Librans can't commit.

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Good luck. Libran Rabbit You had me at, I had enough and i cant stands no more lmao We indeed get taken advantage of alot, but its upto us to learn how to keep the balance right, we have the gift of insight, not to mention other traits that vary on many swindles I love being a libra, diplomat quote is on point lmfao, i consider myself one of the best, screw the haters keep hating and ill keep loving yas for repping my name outwards, peace is all we need, so lets dull the hate and create a money system!!!!

Sasha I agree. Dated Gemini for four years he was a psycho. One's a girl June 18 and she tries me. The other is a boy May 24 and I've never felt the love I have for him in anyone else. It's a deep understanding and comfort I feel around him. There are differences in Geminis. I married to Scorpio and he tries to change me like previously stated but he can't recognize how negative he can be. It's not easy, but we learn HOW to get along no matter Ioana Yes!!

I had a taurus like that and it completetly ruined it for me after a while. We compromise too much especially in romantic relationship. Its important that we learn not to lose ourselves, our morals and our likes.

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Libra daily horoscope for today. How the perusing of a Libra daily horoscope on a regular basis can prove to be highly informative and supportive as well as. Libra Horoscope for Tomorrow, Daily Horoscope for Libra for the next Day. Their wish to protest is often accompanied by a wish to change things positively.

Zsu I love Aries, but I don't have him. Reky Same here. I am a Sagittarius woman and I find them to be unable to commit and emotionally unstable and unavailable I always seem to have to fix them. Would be nice to have someone take care of me for a change. They can never make a decision and are to scared to take a new path, I'm sorry for generalizing but I would like some feedback from other libra men please Carlos True i been with a libra for 3 years on and off i am an aries male, we have aloot of differences but they cant seem to change they negative traits even when they want to and they always think that because they are nice to us and dont argue that everything they do is good.

No thats bs when a partnet tells you something he wants changed you try to change it dont put it off and say oh i love you why you leave me. Jim All Libra men are different, it depends on time they were born and what planets are in their birth chart. Marshall Hi, even I'm libra men but I'm not heart breaking.

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I have soft heart caring n loving. Joya You are dealing with people who look diplomats in face but are lover in heart. Be the start of every thing weather it is romance , invitation , or takinga decision and have them come with you and have them get involved. You will discover the most loyal lovers and friends in them.

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Just be getting them involved. You must be the one to break the ice. Sean I am a Libran male and I think maybe the guys u choose r yet to mature fully. Emotionally unstable maybe when I was younger. I'm 28 now and am still yet to find a steady and stable woman regardless of sign. I guess we all have our own journeys to take in life. My father is a libra and he has been successful in raising my siblings and I and has made my mother very happy. Librans r always trying to balance those scales remember and they r the only sign neither animal nor human. What puzzles me about Libra men is that they are so obsessed with balancing their scales, only problem is they seem to be so hesitant to make a decision that the opportunity disappears altogether.

They will sacrifice their own happiness rather than risk making a bad decision. I could be about to lose the love of my life and I'm absolutely devastated. He has depression and in the 11 months we were together he broke up with me 3 times. His fears of commitment are so intense after a divorce 6 years ago, and carrying guilt and pain he has never dealt with. That he could lose me and the best thing that ever happened to him sorry blowing my own horn a little there haha now he has finally hit rock bottom and told me he needs to be on his own and get help, the last words he said to me were "I love you" Sorry if I'm raving on I'm just so upset and confused.

I truly hope he does work through this and come back to me. Rajesh Libyans are not indecisive. They just try to ensure nobody is harmed. I am a Libran and can speak for myself. Princess Why is november posted for the monthly horoscope for November ? Guy I am libra as well oct Everyone hopes the same way. Think positive and your life could be more towards positive side. Best thing I ever did was set myself aside so that it is not all about me.

I love to help and worry for everyone else that way I appreciate this way my life is. Trust me I have had a lot of bad luck in my life to overcome.

Angelica Rubante Thank you girl Libra, I hope so. I'll wait for a right guy. Some guys are chasing me but I'm afraid They can only gives some shits.

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And the most hard thing of all, You are showing them u are happy yet The truth You are insecure and Feeling Bullshit. Libra man Libra man here True,even i pretend that im happy on the outside but inside im just numb Depression is very common among librans and i too have tried suicide in the past and was admitted in the I. Libran Rabbit Dig deep!

No doubt this post is all to late and you would reply something like, got it covered lol, but meh im here now so im leaving my Mark right here Chin up , Left foot infront of right, and fecking dream big!! Tired I am a libra woman with an aries man. I like that he tells me what or who to do in the bedroom. We have a 4 day sex vacation coming up. Am I giving up too much?

Like 0. Matthews Sunday August 26th, J August 26th, Good luck. Firey craft September 3rd, Before: show me your ways…. Me or Matthew? Lol Like 0. AP October 26th, Olivia January 10th, Pray to Jesus it is written that if you call upon the name of Jesus , demons have to leave. Edward Mohr March 17th, Synctuition, 2.

Rajesh Kumar August 23rd, Linda July 16th, J August 25th, Liz June 16th, Elizabeth June 16th, Jayde Ferris Graham May 8th, Married woman May 22nd, Brandon Maners November 10th, U Like 0. Thats geat Like 0. Terfa August 11th, Good if it comes to pass Like 0. Silla July 3rd, Daily horoscope everyday and love as well Like 0. Navni February 14th, When do I get marry And how is my marital life Dob: Like 0. Libra scales Like 1.

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