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In a horoscope, there are some planets which tend to give auspicious results, whereas some give negative results.

Role of planets for all ascendant can be read here. Though as per standard rules of astrology, trines lords always have the tendency to give good results in their periods. Definition of yoga karaka planets: A planet is said to be a yoga karaka when it has lordship over a Trine and Kendra house simultaneously.

Here you can see in the definition of yoga karaka planet that by virtue of its lordship over Kendra and Trine simultaneously, it have a capability of producing Rajyoga effects even without the help of any other Kendra of Trine lord. Though, if a yogakaraka planet is involved with any other Kendra or Trine lord, then it is a win-win situation. In any horoscope 1st, 5th and 9th house are known as Trines whereas 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th are known as Kendra house. As you can see, first house or ascendant have dual lordship Trine and Kendra house and that is why ascendant is considered as the most important planet in any horoscope.

This proves the point that ascendant lord Dasha is always beneficial unless it is severely afflicted. Now, the question is how we find our yoga karaka planet in the horoscope.

Karakas In Vedic Astrology | Significators in Vedic Astrology

In accordance with tradition, Somanatha Misra writes in Kalpalata his vrtti on the Jaimini Sutras that Karakas are of many kinds Kaarakaa bahu vidhaah and then deals with the following. For charts of ALL living beings, we use 8 carakarakas. Afflicted Rahu give problems related to breathing, lungs, ulcer, legs etc. Premium Reports. So, the highest degree might be Venus at 21 but Saturn is retrograde at 4.

Planets that have lordship over Trine and Kendra simultaneously will be ticked as Yoga karaka planet. For example Mars in Cancer ascendant rules over the 5th house, which is a trine house and same time Mars rules over 10th house also, which is a Kendra house.

Sun Planet

This makes Mars a yogakaraka planet for Cancer ascendant. Mars relationship with Moon, Jupiter or even Venus produces a Rajyoga of high quality. This also makes a point that not all ascendant can have yoga karaka planet and only 5 ascendant have yoga karaka planet. Jupiter, the biggest benefic is not a yogakaraka for any ascendant.

This proves a point that in astrology one should have a dynamic approach.

A yoga karaka planet is said to produce good results of all kind like power, position, money, influence etc and is due to that fact that a yoga karaka alone works like a combination of Kendra-Trine combination. A yoga karaka planet should always be endowed with strength especially in case of Leo and Aquarius ascendant since Yoga karaka planet i. Here, I want to elaborate more on Yoga karaka planets for these ascendants.

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Taurus ascendant the placement of Yoga karaka Saturn in 12th house will be worst since Saturn will be debilitated here and same time it is a dusthana house. In ascendant mars will be debilitated but still mars will deliver good results, as far as material aspect of life is concerned but here mars can make one bad in relationships. Here, 5 th lord Venus will be in direct relationship, which is very supportive for all matters of life. Therefore always keep an eye on Yogakaraka planets they can change things easily, never ignore them.

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S N Rao. Each planet is inherently inclined to give certain results. For example, Jupiter is by nature related to matters pertaining to children, wealth, etc. Venus is so related in a male chart to the wife of the individual, etc. These are the karaka properties of the planets. Karakas can be used for general analysis of a birth chart. They can also be used for timing various events that seem possible from the general analysis of a chart.

The condition of a karaka in a chart indicates the status of certain matters that the karaka represents. The relevant house from the karaka represents the specific matter. Mars is the karaka for younger siblings. The 3rd house from Mars shall therefore represent younger siblings. The 5th house from Jupiter shall represent the first child, etc.

Five kinds of karakas

The karaka is the key to a specific matter. It controls matters of which it is the karaka. It is the source for all such events.

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When the planet is related to the concerned karaka it would give the required result in its major-period. We know that some planets are also naturally malefic. Each planet is a karaka for certain aspects of life. We will notice that Mars is taken to be a naturally malefic planet since it represents such matters. Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet since it represents such matters.

Moon Planet

The karakatwa signification for disease shows the nature of the disease. For example, if it is the Sun, the disease will cause inflammation and fever. When the Moon is the cause, it will involve liquid, water retention, mucous formation, and acute ailments and there could be oedema. Mars will cause inflammation, blood or muscular disorder, loss of blood and surgery. Mercury shows its effect at several locations, causes respiratory or skin trouble and different symptoms.

Jupiter will cause swelling and oedema.

Yoga Karaka in Vedic Astrology - Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course 43/52

It could also cause liver dysfunction and dyspepsia. Venus gives benign growths and involvement of urinary and reproductive systems. Saturn causes hardening, chronicity and loss of weight. Rahu causes filthy discharges and sudden onset of disease. If in a chart Rahu is related to the 8th houses from its position, ascendant and Arudha lagna, it shall be the Karaka-Factor for hidden, filthy, undiagnosed, malignant or untreatable conditions.

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When a Factor for disease is related to Rahu the condition, the disease caused by either of the Factors in its major-period would be difficult to diagnose and it may turn out to be malignant. Such a relationship also shows that the disease is an outcome of the sins that the individual had committed in the past. When a Factor for disease is related to the Factor for malignancy and one for an organ, the likelihood of that organ developing a cancerous growth would be very strong. Ketu causes indifference to and neglect of the ailment. A karaka shows many matters.